Your benefits: Flexibility, adapted dosage forms & quality

Choosing Heel for your medicine manufacturing brings you several benefits. These benefits can be grouped under three keywords: flexibility, adapted dosage forms and quality.


You can expect the highest flexibility in manufacturing, packaging and labeling of materials of all kinds with our approach. This flexibility gives you shorter delivery times, while the quality remains guaranteed.

Our commitments to you:

Heel Belgium_Contract Manufacturing - Flexibility in medicine production
  • Guaranteed quick processes
  • Advantages regarding raw materials, label printing, and other components thanks to volume buying power
  • Manufacturing, including primary and secondary packaging, to your specifications

Depending on your requirements, either a finished ready-to-sell product, or a bulk pharmaceutical for further processing and/or packaging is delivered to you.

Support in four languages

As a Belgian company, we benefit from our linguistic competences as we are able to handle all processes in English, Dutch, French or German. If there are other language requirements, we can cooperate towards adjusted solutions.

Flexible manufacturing

Heel Belgium has the flexibility to manufacture the following forms in our ISO class 8 cleanroom:

  • Syrups
  • Liquids
  • Drops
  • Ointments
  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Tablets
  • Globules
  • Granules

Primary packaging materials include:

  • PET
  • Glass bottles
  • Polypropylene containers
  • Aluminum tubes
  • Other packaging material depending on your request

Adapted dosage forms

Heel Belgium_Contract Manufacturing - Different medicinal forms and packaging

As we link homeopathy with conventional medicines, we are the preferred partner to manufacture various dosage forms following the GMP guidelines.

Uncoated tablets, liquids, syrups, gels and creams can be manufactured according to your wishes.


  • Our tablets are generally in a lactose and magnesium stearate base. Additional excipients are available and can be discussed
  • Packed to your specifications (including secondary packaging if desired)
  • Standard tablet weight is 300 mg or 250 mg. We can customize size and imprint if needed

Oral drops

  • In Ph. Eur. grade purified water and at least 20% ethanol Ph. Eur.
  • Packed to your specifications
  • State of the art production facilities (ISO class 8 cleanroom)

Bulk products

  • Powders or granulates for compression
  • Tablets
  • Liquid product concentrates
  • Gels, ointments or creams

In addition, the handling of mother tinctures and the preparation of diluted extracts is another one of our core competences.


Heel Belgium always guarantees you the best quality. We have acquired the necessary experience and expertise to do so. The qualitative execution of all medicine manufacturing steps by experienced and dedicated employees during the entire process is our primary concern.

Our quality assurance and regular internal and external inspections exceed the known standards. That confirms our commitment to quality.

Dedicated to quality

Heel Belgium_Contract Manufacturing - High quality in medicine production

We operate according to stringent pharmaceutical guidelines, e.g. on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

From starting materials to packaging the finished medicines, every step is meticulously controlled. These procedures guarantee that every batch is delivered with the highest dedication to quality.

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